My first batch of chickens turned two years old the end of June and it’s been in my mind that they have aged out. I was a bit concerned that I was not adding a fresh batch of chicks to the flock this year. On the other hand, I know chickens live an average of 5 – 7 years so I wondered where I picked up that “two year” limit.

It turns out that two-year number is what is touted by high-production chicken farms because after that two-year mark, a hen’s laying will be less regular. Instead of laying an egg nearly every day, they might drop down to 2-3 eggs a week. To these big producers, a hen isn’t worth keeping past that mark even though a chicken has a lot of egg-laying left in her. Backyard chicken keepers don’t have to fret about that two-year “limit.”

I found an interesting article that explains that “hens are worth much even beyond their laying years” and reminds us of the various benefits backyard chickens contribute. Click the link to read “Hentirement” by Noelle Moser (a.k.a. Kuntry Klucker).



  1. ?this is a beautiful article…love it…makes me happy that so many people are “chicken peeps” (pun intended) :} ! ________________________________


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