Oregano for Chickens

The Oregano Oil I ordered arrived Monday and I have given Miss Piggy three doses.

By dose I mean I squirt a small amount into her mouth once a day.  There were no instructions provided beyond that. 

We see if it helps Miss Piggy

In the meantime, I’ve been doing more research on the use of oregano in chickens and have discovered that it is amazing!

Oregano contains carvacrol, a monoterpenoid phenol that gives oregano its characteristic pungent, warm aroma but is also what makes oregano one of the most powerful natural antibiotics ever studied.  It also contains thymol which is an antifungal.  Oregano is used to treat yeast infections (like Miss Piggy has), is a powerful antioxidant, benefits intestinal health, has anti-inflammatory properties, and provides pain relief.

Oregano oil, which is more potent than fresh or dried oregano, strengthens the immune system and can guard against common poultry illnesses such as avian flu, infectious bronchitis, respiratory illness, salmonella, e. coli, aspergillus, bumblefoot (staphylococcus) and internal parasites.

I’m using Oregano oil to treat a specific problem but will start adding it to the flock’s water on a rotating basis with the apple cider vinegar and vitamin/electrolyte powder that I already alternate as preventative health measures. 

Regularly using fresh or dried oregano is also a great way to prevent illness and keep chickens healthy so I will definitely be growing Oregano next year.  Then I can give them a tasty treat with a benefit.

It will also make the coop smell better! What a boon that will be!

If you are interested in the Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage side of being Self-Reliant, check out those menu tabs at the top of the page. I recently added information regarding Water Storage.

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