Today was a bit of a lazy day.

With the heat we’re having, outside projects are limited to watering the garden and taking care of the chickens. Everything else was accomplished in the blessed air conditioning.

After lazing about longer than usual, I started my morning by planting some seeds for the winter garden.

Two kinds of broccoli, two kinds of cauliflower, and some cabbage seeds are ready to grow

I got to be social and had a long lunch with a couple of friends, which was a real treat. I got my haircut and then picked up a few things at the grocery store. After the groceries were put away, I spent a couple of hours lounging in my recliner.

I finally got motivated again and prepared some basil for the dehydrator.

Lots of basil went into the dehydrator

Then I peeled and sliced 15 peaches and put them in the freezer. Yes, I’m still working on peaches…they seem never-ending.

Sometimes you just need a lazy day. I enjoyed mine.

2 Comments on “LAZY SATURDAY

  1. Wish I had….up at 6 and to the old house at 9 to finish cleaning…the outside windows, mop the kitchen, bath and living room floors and vacuum three bedrooms and was back at the new place by 12:30 ( after stopping to get the car washed finally)! Then, K and B came by to bring the dresser they gave me and take a bunch of stuff to GW. I went to xfinity and signed up for Wi-Fi internet then came home and had to flog thru setting it up and getting my TV To work. I’ll have to do the other devices tomorrow! Going to bed now!

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