Our weekend began with another visit to Wilding Acres Farm to pick another four quarts of blueberries. That was followed by a trip to Kalawi Farm for peaches.

Kalawi Farm – My annual pilgrimage for peaches

Yes, Peach Week is here again! I know I call it Peach Week, but it really takes two or three weeks to get everything done.

I was unable to get my favorite peach variety, Win-Blo, even though I checked ahead of time to be sure they’d be there. That may have been why I came home with only 75 pounds of peaches instead of the 100 I bought last year. I bought Contenders again but am also trying two new (to me) varieties: Bounty and Fire Prince.

Bounty peaches are HUGE. This is a variety that’s supposed to be good for canning and freezing. I can’t find much online about Fire Prince peaches so we shall see how I feel about them.

The Bounty peaches are the biggest I’ve ever seen!

I kicked off my canning with the Bounty peaches as they were the ripest of the three. I’ve canned two loads of peaches in my Nesco Smart Canner, one each day. Click HERE for the story of that acquisition.

Things are going much better than when I was first trying, and failing, to use the Nesco Smart Canner. It was a good purchase for me, even though the learning curve was so frustrating (check out my struggles HERE and HERE). I really like that using the Nesco means canning doesn’t have to be an all-day process. Because it does smaller batches, I find my back can last through preparing and processing one load in the Nesco before the pain becomes debilitating.

Oh, and look what’s been for dessert the past two nights:

Fresh peaches and blueberries – so much yum in one dish!


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