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I have been working on one aspect or another of self-reliance and preparedness most of my adult life. The difference in what I’ve been able to accomplish the past couple of years compared to previous times (besides having Oscar here to do the heavy lifting) is the availability of Google and You Tube. They have become tremendous tools.

While I’ve spent a good portion of the past 40+ years haunting websites for information, knowledge, and entertainment, a whole new world has opened the internet even wider with the progression of smartphones. Now, rather than waiting until I get to my computer at home and hoping I remember the question I had, I can say “Hey Google” and get the answer right away.

I’m sure my assigned Google-angel (there’s someone on the other side of the phone feeding info to me, right?) is feeling sorry for him/her self when, for the hundreth time, I’ve asked, “Hey, Google, can chickens eat….” In fact, I frequently ask the same questions over and over because I forgot what I was told, or I don’t like the answer so I ask again, in a different way.

Now, rather than scour books and websites when I need to learn how to do any kind of task, I can watch a You Tube video. I spend a lot of time on You Tube as I work to develop my homestead. I’ve learned a lot and have found some online communities that have helped develop my knowledge and skills.

Relying soley on Google, You Tube, or the Internet is a dangerous mindset. When the electricity goes off or your Internet connection is down, “Hey, Google” is met with silence and you are on your own.

I need to create a hard copy Google – a compendium of all things gardening and chickens and pest control and pruning and building and Everything Homesteading.

Over the years, I’ve bought books, torn articles out of magazines (or printed them from a website), saved handouts from classes, and gathered information I might need in the future. Unfortunately, when I need to re-access the information, I can’t find it or, even worse, I don’t remember that I have it.

I don’t know the answer to this dilemma. I just know I need to come up with an alternative means of retaining the abundance of information I need for this endeavor.

In the meantime, “Hey Google …”

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  1. Google is my constant companion….inquiring want to know and I’m curious about EVERYTHING! So we have wonderful one sided convos numerous times a day!😬😁🤨🤪

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