Fall Garden Progress

With time off from work last week, I made good progress on my fall garden.

Monday, while Oscar was also off from work, we got the frame and hoops together for the 8′ x 12′ hoop house greenhouse. We placed it over the galvanized steel raised bed we had put together and filled with soil a couple of weeks beforehand.

Tuesday, I planted that bed with Snow Bowl Cauliflower, Early Wonder Beets, Easter Egg Radishes, and Scarlet Nantes carrots. By Saturday, the radishes were already coming up!

After picking and gifting my last zucchini of the season, I cleared out the brick bed and the big green planter. I would like to plant the brick bed for fall but that will happen only if I can come up with the resources to build a lid over it to act as a cold frame.

I moved the green planter into the greenhouse, filled it with fresh dirt (I dumped the old dirt into the brick bed so the planter was easier to move), and planted lots of Sugar Prince Peas in it.

The Greenstalk was disassembled and moved into the greenhouse, too. The top two layers are still working on Mini Bell Peppers, a last Cowbell pepper, and several Serrano peppers. We have a couple more weeks of 90 degree weather which should be just about right to finish these off.

This will be the second harvest of Serranos
The Mini Bell Peppers will be ready for harvest in two or three weeks

I cleared the last remnants of plantings in a couple of the Greenstalk layers and planted various lettuces which, I hope, will produce well into winter and provide the chickens with greens. Once the peppers are done I will plant more greens in those top two layers.

The Greenhouse is shaping up nicely!

To finish the greenhouse, I need to purchase plastic to put over it. That will have to wait until early October. I would also like to put two more pots in there, but we’ll see if finances can accommodate the wants.

All in all, I’m pleased with the progress made on the fall garden last week!

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