Weird Week

This was one of those weeks I am glad to have behind me. It wasn’t a “when you look at later, you’ll laugh” experience either. Nevertheless, I was able to find blessings in every day.

It started Monday morning when I discovered my debit card had been hacked. Again. I had just got a new card a few weeks ago from being hacked. So while I’m waiting for the next card, I’m using cash and minimizing spending.

Monday afternoon, a tornado hit near my home. Again. The road was closed because of downed trees and utility line damage so I had to go way around and approach from the back side to get home. Blessedly, I had electricity and internet once I made it home. Not knowing it was a blessing at the time, I stopped at the gas station since I was out that way. (You’ll see why that was fortuitous a little later.)

My property had a lot of tree debris but no damage (though the apple tree might disagree with me there as it was pinned to the ground by its protective cage because it broke its anchors).

This tornado was about a block closer than last year’s. Sadly, the house down the road which had only recently got the roof replaced (from being ripped off in last year’s tornado), got it’s roof ripped off. Again. If there’s a tornado next year and it’s another block closer, I’m taking it as a sign that it’s time to move!

Tuesday, Oscar’s car loan check was ready so I took him to the bank and went in to work later. Oscar was able to buy his own car and get his own insurance! One more item checked off for Adulting 201.

Later that day is when the gas stations in the region started shutting down because they had no gas. The main pipeline that brings gasoline into the region was no longer functioning because its network was hacked. 80% of North Carolina’s gas stations were closed before things started turning around.

With both of us driving a 60-mile round trip daily commute, a fuel stoppage is a serious concern. I was blessed yet again when my boss allowed me to work the same hours that Oscar works (we work different hours and in different parts of the same company) so we could conserve gasoline by carpooling. That, and the fact that we started the crisis with two full tanks of gas, got us through the gas crisis without much difficulty.

This weekend we got the junk/storage room turned back into a guest bedroom in preparation for the Denver grandson and the Troutman grandson who will visit the week the chicks are delivered.

We also got the framing done on the brooder box – a project we’ve been avoiding way too long. Since I am a make-it-up-as-you-go project manager, we stopped short of completing it when I decided I don’t want a lift-off top, I want a door on the side of the box. That will require a trip to Home Depot later this week for one more 2×3 board. I’ll get two just to be safe.

The week ended on a high note when we visited (aka cuddled and cooed over) the 4 newly born goat kids at Wilding Acres Farm. Here are two of them:

I do not want goats, I do not want goats, I do not want goats!

Awww, aren’t they sooooo cute?

No, Really, I do not want goats.

Hmm, maybe next year.

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