Greenstalk is On Sale!

I was excited to get an email today saying that the Greenstalk Vertical Planter is on sale again! I have been really impressed with my Greenstalk planter and have talked about it to anyone who will listen.

They are great for people who have a big desire to garden but have limited mobility, limited space for gardening, or just want to grow up rather than out. The bunnies and the chickens have stayed out of it as well as the slugs and snails … so far anyway. I am able to control the soil quality in the Greenstalk planter so much better than in my in-ground or even my raised bed gardens. Both my veggies and my flowers are doing great. Best of all, I have had No weeds to pull! The only drawback I can see is the set-up expense — as with any container garden, when you start out you must buy both the planter and the soil. That’s a one-time expense though and with this great sale price, the savings will cover the cost of the soil to fill it.

For more of a testimonial from a big-time gardener who has used the Greenstalk for awhile, watch this video by Jess at Roots & Refuge Farm:

My Greenstalk Vertical Planter Review after 3 YEARS of use!

And, if you’re wondering, no, I am not an affiliate of Greenstalk. I get nothing for convincing someone to buy it. I just like the product and want to share this great deal. So, check it out at

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