Saturday was my first trip of the year to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market. I really like this particular market and have posted about it before. Now that I’ve been a number of times, I am recognizing several of the farms and farmers that are there each week and know what I can expect to find.

I had planned to go with my friend Susie, but the Southern Snow (pollen) had taken her out and she was too sick to come. That meant Oscar was voluntold that he got to accompany me. (snicker)

The goal of this trip was to buy repellants: plants that will help keep the bugs from causing grief. I went with a list to guide me:

I need to turn this into a spreadsheet!

I came home with this:

My arsenal in the war on bugs

Here is what I brought home and a partial list of what they repel:

GERANIUM – mosquitos, Japanese Beetles

MARIGOLDS – mosquitos, flies, Japanese Beetles, and snakes(we found two just a few weeks ago!)

LEMON GRASS – mosquitos, flies, and snakes

LEMON BALM – mosquitos, flies

PEPPERMINT – mosquitos, flea beetles, ants, squash bugs

BASIL – tomato hornworm, mosquitos, flies, snakes

THYME – tomato hornworm, mosquitos, corn earworms, whiteflies, slugs

ROSEMARY – mosquitos, flies

SAGE – flies, ants, mosquitos

A few extra items found their way into my basket:

SNAPDRAGONS – because I like snapdragons

PATIO SNACKER CUCUMBER – because, … I don’t know why

CUTTING CELERY – how intriguing to have something that tastes like celery but is not in stalk form

CILANTRO – because I like Mexican-style food ?

PARSLEY – because I didn’t have any ?

Oh, and there is one mystery herb. I got a pot without a label and have no idea what it is. It maybe looks like some kind of mint, but it doesn’t smell like one. It’s a tall, upright plant. Maybe someone can help identify it?

Any idea what this is?

I sure have a lot of planting to do …


  1. You are a sucker for punishment! Watch out for your back while planting!

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    • I know! I’ve been careful … work for 20 or so minutes, rest for an hour (or two). It’s going slow but it’s getting done.


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