Last weekend, my son-in-law, Oscar’s dad, came to the homestead. The two of them worked on his 1986 GMC C-2500 pickup truck in my barn/garage.

I don’t go in the barn often as it’s usually full of unsightly piles of gear/supplies/junk Oscar has stuffed in there “for now” instead of putting away. Bonus 1: they had to deal with that mess before they could do their own work.

That wasn’t the best part though.

Later in the afternoon, after letting the chickens out for a bit of a walk-about, I stopped in to see how the guys were getting on. As I was admiring how much better it looked in there, I spied something of great value.

Canning jars! Quite a lot of canning jars.

I had Oscar bring them to the porch this weekend (the boxes were too dirty to bring into the house) and I am getting them cleaned out and sterilized.


This was a Bonus and a Blessing. My supply of pint jars was getting pretty measly.

Only 9 wide-mouth, 8 regular-mouth, and 10 jelly jars available for use on the shelf!

While I’m working on cleaning the new-found jars, I have ten pounds of chicken thawing to fill those jars.

My canned meat supply is about to become a bit more respectable!

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  1. Aren’t “forgotten” things wonderful!

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