This will seem anti-climactic but, the worm bin reboot is Done.

If you’ll remember from Part 2, having scooped out all the old bedding (except the wood), I left the bin looking like this:

I was fussy while re-hydrating the coconut coir bricks this time. I didn’t want a repeat of Part 1, where I ended up with it being too wet and had to dry it out in the oven. This time I used a 5-gallon bucket, so I’d have plenty of room to stir it. I added only a couple cups of water two or three times a day, followed by a good fluff with my hand trowel. It took four days, but I ended up with perfectly hydrated bedding.

Now, the bin looks like this:

I gave the whole bin a good stir, verified that the moisture, temperature, and Ph were where they needed to be, buried some turnip greens, said, “Goodnight wormies,” and closed the lid.

I hope they are Happy Wormies.

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