After the hurricane, the Arctic blast.

Hurricane Nicole merely brought rain and a bit of wind to this area. Reportedly, a tornado passed overhead, though it was polite and just kept going without visiting.

While yesterday was quite nice, today was definitely coat weather, barely cracking the 50’s. I know there are those who are scoffing but, here, that’s cold. The low temps will apparently last through next weekend. We even had to bring in the chicken water so it won’t freeze.

I really enjoyed having the Troutman contingent of the family come to the homestead yesterday. They provided the motivation to get more done than would have otherwise been accomplished.

Aaron, my son-in-law, rousted Oscar and his brothers out to clean the garage. Aaron is a great garage cleaner and, after they finished, it’s a place where you can actually find stuff!

A little of the momentum continued to today and Oscar Finally finished pulling up the azalea roots. That project has been on his list for nearly all year. His procrastination has been a sore point with me, so I am grateful it is done. Now we can start preparing the area for more garden space.

My Saturday was spent doing normal household tasks. I got my hair cut, cleaned the oven (thank you, whoever invented self-cleaning ovens!), bought groceries, did laundry, etc. I also put a new layer of bedding in the chicken coop, which will keep them clean and warm during this week of cold weather.

My daughter, Jessica, and I went to Target so I could get another shelving unit. I’ve run out of shelves to put my canning jars and sweet potatoes. When we got to the register, she purchased them for my birthday present. What a nice surprise! Once they are assembled, I will be able to get the rest of the sweet potatoes out of the box and the applesauce that’s been sitting on my dining table since October 15th will have a place to belong.

It was a pleasant, non-hectic weekend that was nevertheless was productive.

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  1. Yea for you! Glad you got so much help! And for BD gift!

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