Outdoor activities have slowed down significantly over the past few weeks. Several days after the green beans were picked, we went in to clear the Three Sisters Garden. We found another gallon of green beans.

I processed 16 pints of green beans from the Three Sisters Garden. Ten were pressure canned, five were failed canning (my error) and were put into the freezer, and one was just blanched and frozen. For a crop I figured was going to be a flop, I certainly got a nice harvest.

Green beans are easy to can

Since the last update on upgrading the greenhouse, we managed to get the hardware cloth over the hoops. After Oscar finishes putting the hardware cloth on the ends (in the next two weeks), I’ll watch the weather to determine when it’s time to put the plastic on. The first frost date is expected around October 31st so we could have most of October to get everything finished.

Today, we moved all the containers we want to spend the winter in the greenhouse.

Cauliflower, broccoli, beets, cabbage, herbs, and miscellaneous plants are in the greenhouse

As ever, I haven’t accomplished as much as I wanted to do but I think this looks pretty good!


  1. I’d really be interested to see what it would look like if you did accomplish everything you set out to! You are a warrior gardener! LU

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