I haven’t been in the Three Sisters Garden for two or more weeks. In fact, I’ve been completely ignoring it.

The corn was done. The squash had powdery mildew. Bugs had destroyed the sunflowers. It was so overgrown, I had to shove my way through the plants to get to the other end of the rows and I couldn’t get to the plants to treat them for the issues that had developed. I had only picked ten green beans so figured they were a bust too.

Furthermore, when I went in the last time, I came out with welts and blisters all over my arms from pushing through the jungle.

With all this, I figured the Three Sisters Garden was done and I put it on Oscar’s list to pull everything out and put it in the compost pile.

We ran out of time – or maybe it was enthusiasm – this weekend so it didn’t happen. On Sunday or Monday, I noticed some green beans peeking out of the tangle. When I came home tonight, thinking I might find enough green beans to have with dinner, I donned a longer sleeved shirt and trekked in for one last harvest.

Look what I came out with!

Almost a full basket!

I picked almost a full basket of green beans, two zucchini, and one crookneck squash.

There were even three more of these!

I should have enough green beans to can another five jars, maybe more.

Not tonight though, “longer sleeves” does not equal “long sleeves.” I need to go wash my arms, neck, and chin with Dawn to remove whatever allergen is on the bean plants that’s bothering my skin. Then I’ll add a good spritz of Windex for the itching.

2 Comments on “LAST HURRAH?

  1. Well, at least you got something out of all that! good for you. Maybe you need a carhart jacket…workingman’s canvas! ________________________________


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