We’ve had snow the past three weekends. That’s not normal for North Carolina. In between storms the temperatures have been below freezing (frequently in the teens at night) and rarely got even into the 40’s during the day. I’m not whining, but, let me make the statement: I am done with winter.

The chickens are not particularly happy about it either. It’s been amusing to watch them, from inside the house of course, come to the coop door, look out at the snow and after a short ponder, turn on their heels and return to the depths of the coop.

The only part of the homestead that is not bothered by the weather is the greenhouse. Walking inside that silly looking, plastic-covered-cattle-panel-held-together-by-ratchet-straps-and-duct-tape greenhouse is amazing. The temperature is higher inside by 10 – 20 degrees than outside. The pansies provide such a cheerful greeting when I come for my weekly visits to water. The cauliflower, though I know will not form heads (I planted them too late) have beautiful, lush green and purple leaves. The carrots and lettuce are still growing vigorously. I harvested more carrots today (the chickens enjoyed the green tops) and the lettuce will be ready for another haircut next week. All in all, going into the greenhouse brings a smile to my face and a lift to my spirit – even at the end of January.

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