One of my favorite preparedness quotes is:

“Preparedness, when properly pursued, is a way of life, not a sudden, spectacular program.” — Spencer W. Kimball

I have learned that this is completely true. You don’t just “do” preparedness. It is a continual process.

You don’t just buy your food storage and you’re done.  You can’t pick tomatoes from a garden you don’t plant.  You can’t read a first aid book to figure out what to do while someone is bleeding in front of you. You can’t pull a flashlight or a blanket out of a car kit you don’t put in your car.

As with anything in life, preparedness and self-reliance, start with education.  Some of us learn these things as children but many people must actively seek out preparedness information. 

Then, remember: “Information is not knowledge.” — Albert Einstein

It is Doing that turns Information into Knowledge.  We must act on the concepts we have learned.

When you first start doing something new, there is always a learning curve.  While you can eliminate some missteps by learning from the mistakes others have made, you will certainly have to make your own.  These are not meant for discouragement, but for experience.  Sometimes you learn more from your “failures” than you do when you have success with your first try.

So, if Preparedness is not your lifestyle, Start Now; and then, Keep Doing It. Always think about what you are going to work on next.

What are you going to work on next? Your Important Documents Binder, your emergency car kit, your short-term (3 months) food storage? Or will you learn a new preparedness skill or pay off a credit card? Choose something and Do It!

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