Now that we are getting five or six eggs a day, I figured we’d better get the girls another nesting box. Once all ten hens are laying, two boxes may not be enough.

The Little Giant nesting boxes we have been using have worked fine but the Legbars (Pecky and Caboose) have taken to sleeping in them at night. As a result, we often have to wash poop off the eggs. I know, that’s a digusting thought but, if you have chickens, you have poop.

I decided to see if getting a different style was possible. There are nesting boxes that let the eggs roll away, keeping them clean. Another benefit is you don’t have to stick your hand under an annoyed hen to check for eggs. I haven’t been willing to pay the price for this kind of nesting box up this point but I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, making it worth consideration.

Fortuitously, in addition to having the gift card, there was a coupon for $12.00 off so I popped it right into my cart!

Oscar assembled it while Timmy napped in the sun
Toast supervised the installation

Birds are suspicious of new things. We’re hopeful that putting this in the same place the previous nesting boxes had been will encourage the girls to use it. We’ll see how that logic pans out over the next few days.

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