More, I Want More

I ordered my next batch of chickens!

I enjoy having chickens a lot. They are fun to watch and they make breakfast. The fact that I cannot eat the eggs is a small detail I’m willing to put up with. However, as with most chicken people, I do not have enough chickens.

I don’t want to have any more roosters though. When you hatch eggs, you get roosters. So, I am ordering a batch of females from Cackle Hatchery in Missouri.

I ordered five blue egg layers (which breeds they include will be a surprise) and three Easter Eggers, so named because they could lay blue or green or brown or pinkish eggs (each hen doesn’t lay all those colors but you don’t know what hen will lay what color). The chicks are scheduled to arrive June 10th in the mail. I took the week off to meet them at the post office.

I’m so egg-cited!

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