Into December

Like many, we did not go anywhere for Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, we enjoyed good food and used that time to count our blessings and note the things for which we are grateful.

We also will not gather for Christmas. Just because we can’t do what we usually do during the holiday season, however, it does not mean we are leaving it unobserved. Christmas presents have been purchased and wrapped. The Christmas tree has been decorated, food has been purchased. My daughters and I have talked about how the three households can “gather” virtually and enjoy unwrapping presents together – that will be a new thing for us. We may not be observing all of our usual traditions but we can find joy in the season if we look for it, or make it. I even got a few days scheduled off from work so I can enjoy a slower pace this month.

The chickens keep us busy each weekend. Last weekend we moved the roosters’ coop to a new patch of grass and, this weekend, we moved the chunnel for the big coop. We have chicken TV outside the dining room window again!

We recently let the chickens out of their coop a few times. I was completely surprised when we first let Roadrunner and Thunderbutt (the two Blue Belle roosters) out and they immediately started fighting each other. They flashed a full display of feathers and feet and just railed on each other until they figured out how to stay out of each other’s way. The next day, when we let Blondie and Dotty (the two Legbar roosters who had separated from the flock when they got sick), they too immediately began fighting. I looked at them and said, “Well, I guess they’re not as sick as they pretend.” Today, the hens got to get out by themselves. They certainly enjoy have free-range time. I hope to get fencing up by next summer so they can free-range for longer periods without wandering into the neighbors yard.

I visit and talk to the apple trees each weekend. They seem to still be alive.


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