A Little Chicken

When my oldest grandson came to live with me this Spring, I realized I would now have a bit of brawn at my disposal to implement some of the loftier schemes I have been unable to do by myself. Thus, my long-standing intention of having a flock of chickens, with all the paraphernalia that goes with that, became one of his projects this summer.

It turned out that the fact this has been on MY To-Do list for years gave me no precedence for acquiring the supplies needed to build the chicken coop. Seemingly, nearly everyone on Lockdown suddenly decided They wanted chickens, too. Building supplies were really hard to find. 2 x 4s? Gone. OSB sheets? Gone. Chicken wire? Gone! Nevertheless, I persisted until I tracked down what I needed and we are now the proud owners of the Crookedest Chicken Coop in the East.

We got some hatching eggs from a local farm, Dragonfly Farm, borrowed an incubator from a friend, and embarked on one of the fun experiences of life: hatching chicken eggs.

eggs 060720On June 8th, we put 3 Laced Blue Belle (brown) eggs and 4 Crested Cream Legbar (blue) eggs into the incubator, looking forward to chicks (all hens of course!) that would grow up to look like this:

laced blue bell
Laced Blue Belle


Crested Cream Legbar



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