I did it – I finally have goats.

Admittedly, I rented them but that doesn’t diminish the smile on my face every time I look out the window and see them.

Meet S’more (Alpine), Lucy (Boer), Oreo (Nigerian Dwarf), and Stacy (Alpine)

When I moved to North Carolina almost a dozen years ago, I was astonished (and disappointed) that no one here rented out goats to clear land. In Wyoming, it was a lucrative business that even the U.S. Government and the Cities and Counties contracted with to clear waterways and weedy fields.

With the invasive Kudzu and Wisteria that abounds in North Carolina, hiring goats to clear overgrown land sure is needed. I don’t know why it took so long to catch on here, but I jumped up and down with excitement when Chronicle Farm announced they would begin the service this Spring.

Chronicle Farm makes having goats like having grandchildren. They are the goat-parents. Not only do they do the hoof trimming and health maintenance, but they also transport the goats, put up the fencing, and provide them with shelter when they are contracted out. I’m like the grandma – I just get to enjoy them and watch them.

Once inside their new enclosure, “my” goats wasted no time acquainting themselves with the area — they immediately started munching.

Munching away!

Next week I’ll post before and after pictures of the area!

2 Comments on “I HAVE GOATS!

  1. How cool for you! I remember us talking about doing that just recently! Yea!

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