There are many ways to approach Food Storage. The old-time way was to get a year’s supply of four basics: wheat – salt – honey – milk.

That evolved into a more rounded program that looks something like this list which shows the pounds per person of each item you need for a year supply:

Wheat	       150
Flour	        25
Corn Meal	25
Oats	        25
Rice	        50
Pasta	        25
Total Grains   300

Shortening	 4
Vegetable Oil	 2
Mayonnaise	 2
Salad Dressing	 1
Peanut Butter	 4

Beans, dry	30
Lima Beans	 5
Soy Beans	10
Split Peas	 5
Lentils	         5
Dry Soup Mix	 5
Total Legumes	60

Honey	         3
Sugar	        40
Brown Sugar	 3
Molasses	 1
Corn Syrup	 3
Jams	         3
Powdered Fruit drink	6
Flavored Gelatin	1
Total Sugars	60

Dry Milk	60
Evaporated Milk	12
Powdered Eggs	 4

Baking Powder	1
Baking Soda	1
Yeast	      0.5
Salt	        5
Vinegar	      0.5

If this is the approach you have taken to your family’s Food Storage, it’s time to TAKE STOCK of what you are really able to do (make) with these commodities.

Also TAKE STOCK of if your family members will actually eat it.

Yes, you need to consider including these types of items in your food supply, but if you can’t live on them, you may not be as prepared as you think.

You know your family — Do you need to find a different path?

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  1. Thanks for the very helpful list for proper food storage. It’s important to take stock of what you have and what your family actually eats to be fully prepared.
    Thanks again,
    Chris Cantrell

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