Last year my seed-starting efforts didn’t have a very good outcome. Only three tomatoes plants and two kabocha squash survived my ministrations. I really hesitated to try again this year. In the end, though, I couldn’t resist planting seed starts for the garden.

It really is true that F.A.I.L. stand for “First Attempt in Learning.” I approached this year’s effort standing on last year’s lessons.

This year, I had a better understanding of the soil and the watering requirements. I also started my seeds later than the NC Planting Calendar calls for because last year, they were ready for the ground much too early. Additionally, while the pros recommend supplemental lighting, the cost for said lighting is atrocious. I simply am not interested in paying a bunch of money on something that I haven’t yet had success with. I found an alternative to an all-out set up like THIS and bought THIS instead.

The experience has been much better this year! Yes, I agonized over each seed tray, “They aren’t growing!”

In the end, though, I had a very good germination rate of all but the Mexican Sour Gherkin seeds.

So far so good!

Some were ready for bigger pots, which was this weekend’s project. Now I will agonize over them surviving that trauma, lol.

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