I admit – it’s my fault the cold weather came back to North Carolina.

I had the audacity to retire the antifreeze in the chicken waterer.

Several weeks after the 9 degree weather we “enjoyed” at Christmas, I saw a video showing that if you put 2 cups of salt in a 2-liter bottle of water and put the bottle in the chicken waterer, it will keep it from freezing. Seemed worth a try.

Since I only have a 2 gallon water container for the chickens, I put 1 cup of salt in an empty soda bottle, filled it with water and sealed it I put the bottle in the chicken waterer and, you know what? It worked!

We didn’t have the blistering temps of December after I implemented it but it did get into the 20’s several times and every morning the chicken water was not frozen.

It had been awhile since it got even close to freezing so I removed the anti-freeze bottle a couple of weeks ago.

Sure didn’t sneak that one by Mother Nature. This week she’s been letting us know she determines when winter is over.

Drat. I want to plant my peas!


  1. WELL….you definitely got my attention this morning! I thought, “oh no…What did her boss do!” LOL
    Glad you were only having trouble w/nature rather than than work! It’s supposed to be in the 50’s today….finally!


    • Lol, I’m glad it’s “only” Mother Nature that’s annoying me, too. I actually have a great boss. That won’t keep me from retiring when it’s finally time though.


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