It’s always a big step to move from researching and analyzing to DOING but the step must be made to actually accomplish a goal.

Our first DOING step of building the Chicken Tractor was to build the frame. But, as you may recall, I got stuck on how to do the wheels so needed to do more wheel-specific research.

Throughout the next week, I filtered through You Tube videos to find the ones to show Oscar so he could see what we need to do for the wheels and develop a list of supplies.

The next weekend we worked out the size of the interior coop and purchased the wood for it. We also purchased the wheels and the parts needed for the wheel assembly.

The weather of course was not cooperating by the time we returned from our supply run so we had to wait for the rain to stop.

When we could finally work, we got the basic box of the coop built!

The coop is elevated so the chickens have more room in the run
The roof for the coop is still under discussion

This project is taking longer than I want it to (I have a project for the chickens when I move them into the tractor), but we have managed steady progress.

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