This afternoon was warm and lovely and perfect for a chicken walk-about.

They were ecstatic!

Shortly after I let them out of the run, they saw a hawk. Everyone ran to the woods and screamed. Fortunately, a crow chased the hawk away.

Did you know black or darker chickens are the safest from hawks? This is apparently because hawks can’t discern that they are chickens instead of crows. Adult crows are a hawk’s worst nightmare and hawks tend to avoid areas where there are crows. Because of this, I tend to listen for hawks and look for crows (which are easier to spot) before deciding to let the chickens out of their run.

With the hawk shooed away, things calmed down and the chickens got down to the business at hand — eating everything in sight.

A few hours later Oscar and I vaulted from our chairs due to the strident caterwauling from the chickens. When we got out there, the chickens were again in the woods and going absolutely bonkers.

What was causing distress this time?

Hot air balloons are not a common sight in North Carolina

It was a couple of hot air balloons flying overhead that was causing the chicken angst. Not only was there a “predator” in the sky but every time one of the balloons engaged their burner, the sound would evoke even more vigorous shrieking from the flock.

Once that mystery was solved, I realized three of the chickens were missing! Olive, Marble, and Stormy were not in the woods with the others.

Soon though, we spotted them. They had apparently been so frightened that they ran through the woods, down into the ravine, and up the other side. Luckily, they were the three light-colored hens, or we wouldn’t have seen them.

Oscar had quite a time hiking over there and herding them back home.

I’ve had enough excitement for the day. I think I’m glad the sun is setting soon. The chickens will go to bed and peace will reign once more.


  1. That is funny! Gives credence to: “The sky is falling”! 😁
    I know about being done w/the weekend…it’s amazing how worn out you can get sitting and standing and talking to people for 3 days at the Arts and Craft sale! Done and ready for feet up and early bed! Wish I still drank…could really appreciate a glass of wine tonite!
    Have a good week.😘🥰

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