This weekend we added three of the shelves from the shelving unit purchased last week to an existing shelving unit, converting it from a 5-shelf unit to an 8-shelf unit. This is going to work so much better. As you can see, the sweet potatoes now fit where I could only fit half before and there is room to expand my growing supply of home-canned food.

The jars at the top are for the upcoming series of chicken canning. The bottom shelf is holding my supply of lids and rings. Hmm, those boxes aren’t very attractive. Maybe I’ll get nicer looking containers to hold those supplies.

The greenhouse has been doing its job throughout the cold weather we’ve been having. The only thing that did not survive was the basil, which wasn’t surprising at all. As you click through the images below, you’ll see that the mixed greens are coming along nicely (the chickens are going to enjoy those), the beets greens are luxurious (I hope there are beets growing underground), and I even discovered a broccoli head forming.

I am enjoying the slower pace of winter. I can tidy and organize the house – which had become a dumping ground as we moved from one project to another – while preparing for next year’s projects and, of course, planning next year’s garden! To that end, my daughter Erica is sending me a copy of the 2023 The Whole Seed Catalog which is to gardeners what the Sears Christmas Catalog was to children of my generation.

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