With 4th of July approaching, watermelons are on sale. The chickens love cold watermelon on a hot day, so I purchased one this past week.

I had more intentions for this watermelon than for chicken food, though. I’m dehydrating part of it.

After cutting the watermelon into 8ths, I cut the rind off three of the sections and cut it into approximately 1/4″ wide slices.

Slice fairly thin for dehydrating

I placed the slices on dehydrator trays and set it to do what it does best – removing the moisture while intensifying the flavor.

Three quarters filled the entire dehydrator

Watermelon does take a little extra time to dehydrate so I will turn the slices in the morning and let it go another 12-ish hours.

I ate scraps that didn’t fit on the trays. The rinds had a small amount of flesh on them so those went to the chickens. There was even some left for the worms.

Even the worms got some for lunch

Those little wafers of dehydrated watermelon will most certainly be relished this winter!

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