The corn hasn’t made much progress, but I was running out of time to plant the green beans. So, I got several tomato cages, turned them upside down, and planted the beans around them. My Three Sisters Garden is definitely not what you see in the pictures, but it has all the components.

I hope this works!

I was despairing about all the unused garden space, feeling like I am wasting opportunities. However, I realized this weekend that planting for some of the Fall garden begins next month and next month is almost here!

Last year I struggled to find enough growing space for cool weather crops because all my space was still being used by summer crops. So, it works out nicely that I have empty space.

I want to try broccoli (fall planting begins July 1), cauliflower (begins August 1), and beets (July 15) again. They didn’t do well last year. I’d like to try some cabbage (July 1). Maybe I’ll do carrots again (July 15); they were pretty successful last year. Then of course, all the greens for the chickens (lettuce, kale, etc.) get planted beginning August 1st. I need to take inventory of what seeds I have this week, so I know what I need to order.

The cosmos has started to bloom. They are pretty!

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