I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks but it’s been for good reasons.

Two weekends ago, Oscar developed Covid symptoms and was completely wilted. So, he got none of his weekend chores and projects done. Yes, he tested positive. I was feeling puny too so none of my weekend projects got done either.

This past weekend, friends of mine, the Parks, came to visit from Wyoming. Happy Days! I haven’t seen them since 2018. They tried to visit in March 2020 and actually got as far as Maryland, but that was the weekend the country started shutting down for the Pandemic and rather than finish their planned trip, they had to concentrate on finding a way back home. As you can imagine, we had a lot of catching up to do and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.


I was So Excited to find lots and lots of pods on my pea plants! I planted a lot more peas this Spring than I did last Spring because, well, I want more peas.

Lots of pea pods means lots of peas (cross fingers)!

I took today (Monday) off from work and started on some of my belated transplanting. I was able to put three Kabocha pumpkins in the Three Sisters Garden and one in a homemade container*. If that one survives, I plan to give it to the friend who originally told me about them.

I transplanted one tomato plant in a homemade container*, four in the original Greenstalk planter.

Tomato seedlings in the Greenstalk

, and two in my deep, green planter of this Spring’s failed Kale planting.

This planter box has not been very successful at growing anything, but, I’ll test a couple of tomatoes seedlings

I transplanted my Gypsy Peppers into another layer of the original Greenstalk planter.

Gypsy (sweet) Peppers

I moved last year’s thyme plant (split it into two plants) from the original Greenstalk planter to my new “leaf” Greenstalk planter. The “leaf” Greenstalk planter gives more pockets than the original but they are also more shallow. Mine is intended to hold mostly herbs and I already have tarragon, sage, oregano, and marjoram planted there. I used one level for my Habanero pepper seedlings though.

I’m trying Habanero Peppers this year

At that point, the cloud cover disappeared, and it got too hot to work outside.

I still need to direct seed zucchini, crook neck squash and watermelon (all those starts died) in the Three Sisters Garden. I also have a lot of empty pockets in the two Greenstalk planters. That can only mean one thing – I don’t have enough plants! Hmm, what should I do about that?

*Homemade containers: I saw a You Tube video about wrapping a cardboard box, inside and out, in a contractor’s garbage bag. Then you pull a big of the inside bag out through a small hole for drainage. I made three to try this year. They are not attractive, but they are inexpensive.

Cheap container


The hens have been laying 6-8 eggs a day. That is, until Eager decided to stop laying and go broody. She has planted herself where everyone else has been laying their eggs and she won’t let anyone in. You can hear the arguing in the hen house as everyone circles around Eager, grumbling at her to “Get Off!” She just growls and fluffs her feathers at them. Oh, the drama!

The result is, we have to search for eggs every day. After all, when you have to pop out an egg, there is no holding it in. So, I’m finding them dropped everywhere in the coop and run…but not in that fancy nest box we have for them. Only one of the Cream Legbars will lay in the “real” nest box.

I wouldn’t mind letting Eager hatch a clutch of eggs, but we just are not prepared. If the hoop house conversion to a chicken house were finished, I’d move her and some eggs into that. It’s not ready, however, so we have missed opportunity this year.


I processed the last of the strawberries by coring and freezing them whole. We thawed and had some of them with our breakfast when the Parks were here this weekend. How can one fruit hold so much Yum?

I did some rebel canning. I cooked up a ham I had purchased when they were on sale at Easter, cut it up and canned it. It’s called rebel canning because, strictly speaking, cured meats are not approved by the USDA for home canning. However, bean and ham soup and split pea with ham are approved for canning. My rebel heart says, if they (USDA) really doesn’t want us to do it, they need to explain why there’s that incongruity. The only thing I could find is that they weren’t happy with the results back when they researched it in the 50’s but that they haven’t done much updated research for several decades. Plenty of people do it successfully using modern canning methods though, so I’m willing to try it.

Finally, I cooked the 20-pound turkey that has been taking up space in my freezer. Don’t get me wrong: I am grateful my employer gives us turkeys each Thanksgiving, I just need to make room for this year’s additions to the freezer.

The plan was to prepare the turkey and have the Iredell County contingent of the family come here for Mother’s Day dinner. However, that was the weekend Oscar came down with Covid, so we canceled the dinner. Since it was thawed, I went ahead and cooked it and now have many packages of sliced turkey and cubed turkey in the freezer. I used a package for hot open-faced turkey sandwiches for one of our dinners while the Parks were here. Mmm-mm that was sure tasty.


Saturday was Timmy’s birthday. Happy 15th birthday to my Timmy! He had his annual well-doggie check and is doing okay for a senior doggie.

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