Now that I have finished adding the soil to the new garden space, I looked deeper into the particulars of how to plant my Three Sisters Garden.

Oh my, what a diversity of opinions. I even came across some folks who said, “Don’t do it!”

Apparently, according to some, the original Three Sisters Garden concept was intended for dried varieties of corn and beans, not fresh. However, the original articles I read spoke specifically about Blue Lake runner beans and zucchini.

Rather than give in to dismay and confusion, I chose ONE person to listen to and will follow those instructions. Here, for easy reference when it’s time to start planting (when our overnight temperatures stay in the 50’s later this month, is that video:

I hope it will result in a bumper crop of fresh corn, green beans, zucchini, crookneck squash, and Kabocha pumpkin (another experiment).

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