Today’s excitement: my first batch of seeds arrived!

I ordered Golden Delight Zucchini, Twister Cauliflower, Katrina Cabbage, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Kuroda Carrot, Roulette Heatless Habanero, Gypsy Pepper, and yes, even Mountain Vineyard Tomato (only because it was free) from Hoss.

I had really good success with the seeds I got from Hoss last year so they were the place I ordered from first this year.

I’m not done ordering seeds though. There are two or three more seed catalogs I need to look through.

No, I don’t have enough garden space for everything I want to do. Oscar will just have to build some more raised beds!

One Comment on “AND SOW IT BEGINS

  1. That’s so true. I do the same w/yarns!
    Actually started to place another order yesterday but was able to stop before I sent it! Every once in a while my stop-brake engages! Have fun w/your catalogs. I now have to start putting my new kitchen cart together! -now is when I wish K was closer!


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