The Power of Distraction

We started with a list of nine items for our Saturday chores, some for Oscar, some for me. Only one of them was a big deal.

I assigned Oscar to find the corner brackets for a raised bed that I brought from Cheyenne. He found two right off. I found another. Then he got distracted into tidying and sweeping the garage and starting the generator so it’s ready for winter. Then I asked him to move the stuff off the porch to the garage. Not bad things to do, it just now I’m left with only the Hope of another raised bed.

Three brackets does not a raised bed make!

Lists are great. They help us get things done. Maybe not the things that are on the list but … we’re not sitting around surfing the net so I guess I’ll take what I can get.


A New Year gives each of us a blank book. The pen is in our hands and we each have the ability to write a beautiful story. I hope your story, and mine, is full of adventure, good health, and learning new things.

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  1. Well, so far this am I’m totally distracted by surfing….time to get started in project. But….while surfing I got the news that Chad and Heath got engaged last nite.😘😁

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