Very little has been accomplished at the homestead over the past five weeks as I’ve dealt with Covid. Now and then I’ve had enough gumption to supervise Oscar to get a task done. (Without supervision he tends to just lay about playing video games.)

Today we got the covering on the cold frames over the brick bed finished. We’ve managed to cover the kale temporarily when it got too cold awhile back but the cold frame will be so much better.

The framework was completed October 3rd
Six weeks later we got the plastic covering on the frames
I left a flap loose on each frame so I could lift or drop as needed for heat and moisture control

Previously we got the coop extension covered and the ends of the greenhouse closed in.

I had intended to put the rooster back in the coop with the girls but every time we tried he picked on Miss Piggy. So, he goes in the coop after dark (chickens are semi-comatose in the dark) and is removed back to his bachelor pad (the little coop) in the morning.

The fall garden is doing well. We’ve harvested the last of the peppers, two cuttings of lettuce, and quite a few radishes so far.

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