I am done with Tattler!

I started to process the apples today and, emboldened by my pickle success, I decided to try the Tattler Reusable Canning Lids again.

As before, two of the four jars siphoned out into the canner. I tried these lids in the stovetop water bath canner and had one jar fail. Now I’ve tried them twice in the Nesco Smart Canner and had spectacular failures both times.

I am not going to waste anymore food on figuring them out. I’m going to scrounge as many one-use lids as I can and finish this year’s canning with those.

Later this year, I may try canning some water with the Tattlers and if I can get that to work, move up to broth. The shortages are hanging around so it is important to have the Tattlers as an alternative but doggone I’m having a hard time getting them to work.

I am very annoyed!

One Comment on “Dagnabit!

  1. Have you checked w/manufacturer? They might have ideas or….maybe you have a bad batch of lids!? Doesn’t hurt to ask.

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